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    so i just bought this 1.8t for cheap (yes i know its insanely dirty). Im trying to take the valve cover off. I took the breather hose off but there is this silver piece and hose there also that i didn't see when i googled it online. What is it and how do i take it off? thanks
    Well, I just polished my valve cover. I got it about as good as I could for only using sandpaper and mag polish on a paper towel. Once I go home for the winter I'll redo it with a dremel and polishing wheel. Also I plan on sanding down and painting my intake matte white with a polished throttle...
    Well i have a 2000 GTI 1.8t And i noticed that after driving the car The valve cover feels really hot! My temp guage is is at like 195 (normal). If you could help that would be awesome!!
  4. MKV GTI
    Hi guys, first of this site has already helped me a great deal with my problem so thank you. so i have a 2006 mk5 with 45000 miles and i love it, the greatest purchase of my life. anyway about 4 months ago i got the ignition coil recall done and shortly thereafter my "your fuxed" light came on...
1-4 of 4 Results