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    Hi Guys, I have read in a lot of places that upgrading to a forge diverter valve is recommended when upping the power. I have approx 215 hp in my Mk 4 but still have the stock Bosch. What does upgrading to the forge do?
  2. R32
    Came across this listing on ebay! Great Price on a Nice set of: Volkswagen & Audi Rear Trailing Arm Spherical Bearings / Upgrade Kit. So thought I'de pass it on. Everyone's looking to save money in this economy. Volkswagen Audi Rear Trailing Arm Spherical Bearing Upgrade Kit eBay
  3. MKV GTI
    Well guys, I know I've been dormant on here for a heckuva long time. Some crazy stuff has happened in the past 2 years, so my GTI project was placed on hold. I finally ordered all my parts (I'm piecing together my own kit). My question is, do I need this part to connect the KO4 intake outlet to...
  4. MKV GTI
    i just got my 06 gti about a month ago and recently learned that there was an ECM recall update or something. the local VW dealer said to bring it in anytime free of charge they will do the update. my question for you guys is WHAT ARE THE ADDED BENEFITS (hp/tqu increase, fuel mileage increase...
    So i found out that a piece broke off my front right coil spring... fml... I have to deal with paying my insurance and now new springs at once!!! oh well, its an excuse to get lowering springs ;) Preferably I wanna get a kit with both the shocks and springs. I've been browsing through ecs's...
    Ive been looking to upgrade my GTI VR6 with either a supercharger or a turbo? i cant decide which one to get, any ideas?
  7. MKV GTI
    So I know I've seen multiple threads on this topic, but I didn't see a lot of feedback about Revo. I know a guy who owns a performace shop and is an authorized Revo tuner, so pricewise I can get a deal on a Revo tune. I just want to get some feedback about Revo vs the competition.
  8. VW GTI
    Hello everyone! I dont really know much about cars, so bare with me if my jargon is not quite correct. ;D I just bought a 2 door 6 speed '10 GTI and I want to put a little pep in its step. The only thing is I do NOT want to have to buy anything more than 91/93 octane gas. (As i understand...
  9. MKV GTI
    So, I am very new at owning a vehicle I plan on putting money into without it having to be something I need to fix. So, what advice I am looking for is... 1. What should be the first thing I do under the hood. 2. What type of exhaust would you suggest I get....I do not want to get one that...
  10. MKV GTI this is advertised on this site so I decided I'd at least give it a look. What does everyone think? Does it work? It probably voids warranty. Opinions?
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hey i have heard many different answers to this question, but does getting an ECU re programmer, such as one from APR, void the warranty in any way? also will getting a blowoff valve, diverter valve, or short ram void the warranty either? PLEASE ANSWER!!! [help]
  12. MKIV GTI
    Hi everyone, I just bought an 05 gti last weekend. I notice that my car seems to lag, or stop accelerating when in giving it gas. its most prominent in second gear but have noticed it in first and third. Also what are some good starter upgrades to make my car faster. I test drove an 03...
  13. MKIV GTI
    So I plan on ugrading my turbo to a K04-023. Right now I am running APR stage 2 and meth on a 100 octane race map on an '03 mkiv. I was wondering if I would need to upgrade my clutch or if I should just wait and see if it slips badly or at all. If anyone has experience on this matter or...
    Just wondering if these bulbs will be an upgrade (brighter) over the stock mkv fog bulbs. Any suggestions otherwise for an upgrade? I drive in fog/snow all the time, I think it will be worth while to get the best. Seems...
1-14 of 14 Results