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    My First post!! Hey guys, I have a 2010 GTI, Candy White, APR ECU Tune, and a Forge Twintake. Needless to say, it is a very fun car to drive with just these tunes, But I wanted to go big, go really insane ya know. I was considering Turbo options for future upgrades what I should be thinking...
    I am really thinking about saving up for the k04 because i'm pretty sure my turbo is on its way out. Right now i have the APR stage 1, its definetly a lot more powerful than stock, but the only thing is that the powerband is really smooth. It doesn't push you back in your seat as much as you'd...
    I've been trying to find information about OCT tuning and cant stumble upon any. Has anyone experinced and has any information to share both positive and/or negative. Much appreciated. :)
  4. VR6 / V6 24V Engines
    So I'm seriously considering getting the dual downpipes from TT for my VR6 with my tax money. But are these the only aftermarket downpipes for the VR? I've looked and looked and I feel like there has to be more than 1 company making aftermarket downpipes for the VR. Is there any other companies...
    Just got my GTI tuned yesterday and I must say it feels like a totally different car. Before I got the tune I did a ton of research on what the best tune for the mk6 gti is, and I found that there are only a few companies that audi/vw owners trust when it comes to this sort of thing. I figured...
    MY 2011 gti still has stock suspension and my next upgrade is going to be a new suspension. I am looking between coilovers or the air ride slam kit from ECStuning. My question is will the air ride give the same performance handing than a good set of coilovers? or will the air ride just feel...
  7. MKV GTI
    Basically I'm looking for any fellow Canadians here to suggest any decent websites to order OEM or aftermarket parts for my MKV. I shopped ECS for weeks putting together a decent order until I saw they wanted crazy shipping charges. They wanted 35 bucks CDN to ship a GTI rear badge that cost 20...
    I have a 2005 GTI 1.8T will this HID Kit From DDM Tuning work for me?? (i have H7 Bulbs stock)
  9. New Member Introductions
    Am getting an 08 2.0 GTI soon, and now I am wondering what mods to start with? And because I am a noob I have no idea what any of the shorthand names for parts mean.
1-9 of 9 Results