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    So I have been doing my fair share of searching and reading, and I am just not finding something specifically oriented to my issue. I have had my mkiv for about 6-7 years now. Quick and short, 3 years ago was getting blue smoke, so instead of replacing the k03, went with k04 from ecstuning...
    So recently i've noticed that my car no longer has my APR tune. I only noticed it when i was tried to change the Program and I couldn't. I also tried doing my unlock code and that didn't do anything either. And the only place my car has been for the past few months has been to the same guy I...
    I am thinking about chipping my car with a stage 2+ apr tune. But i do no know if its the best out there for the price. If someone knows lots about tune, i would greatly appreciate it if someone gave me some advice. Thanks!
    Where in the San Diego CA region can I chip my GTI 1.8t and what price range and chip is recommended for better performance. I don´t want to race the car I just wanna tune it up a bit.
  5. MKV GTI
    Hey so I have a question for you guys, I own a 2007 Vw gti mkv 2.0T and I am in the market for a downpipe that's cheaper yet a good rumble with good preformance. But friend of mine said that if I get a downpipe on my car, I would have to get a tune for it otherwise it will blow my engine at some...
    I have an 1986 8 valve, and im wanting to get more power to my wheels. Im on a bit of a budget currently and can spend about $500 currently, and would be willing to spend a little more down the road. I have no plans to do an engine swap yet. If anyone could give me a list of parts i could try...
  7. MKV GTI
    I was told it'd be a decent idea to call the major tuning companies and ask them if my car had been tuned. 1st call, apr. The guy on the phone says yep, its been tuned. I ask "What tune does it have?" and he goes on to say he doesn't have that information available, all he could say was that...
  8. MKV GTI
    So, recently I found a local dealer who could get me a Megan downpipe shipped for $243 CDN with no tax. I have seen them go for $195 online but by the time I pay shipping/brokerage/tax it would be a lot more to get it to Canada so the dealer option seems the best way to go. It seems like an...
    Hey what's up guys, I used to have a 02 gti and I did some mild upgrades, but never got the full turbo back exhaust. I sold the gti and drove a wrx for a while and learned that those cars are tune sensitive to EVERYTHING. Like you are going to blow your motor if you put a dp on and don't tune...
  10. MKIV GTI
    The APR 2011 Spring sale has started guys! Go get your tunes (and addons) for cheap!! ECS URL:
  11. MKV GTI
    Alright, I've had my 2007 GTI for about a month now and in that time I've gotten to know the car and done enough reading on the forum to make a preliminary mod plan for it. If you have any advice or think I should change something let me know! I want to do it right! Anyways, heres what I want...
1-11 of 11 Results