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    I just got a 2011 GTI (white) and the first updgrade I'm planning on doing is the rims. These are the Rims I want to get... which tires should I get to go with them? just would...
    4 winter tires (Michelin Primacy 205/55 R 16) mounted on Rial 16" wheels (bolt pattern: 5 lug 4.41 in) for sale - all for $350. Only 800 miles driven on tires - tread still in great condition (recently appraised by Ithaca Autoworks - tires still have at least another 2 more winters). Located in...
  3. MKV GTI
    I don't know if there's a "for sale" section on this forum but anyone trying to get rid of some Snows for an '06? or maybe just a set of steelies for cheap? Thanks!
    So ive been looking around and i cant find a straight answer. Im looking to order some XXRs there 18x8.5 and the tires are 225/40. Will i have any issues with rubbing the wells or struts? Im on stock ride height
    Selling my brand new detroit rims. 3 have never been driven on and 1 has around 6k miles but is in very good condition. For more info and pictures visit Price is relatively firm but feel free to send me offers!
    I'm looking for a set of tires 205/40/16, but they are all expensive because of the weird size. Anyone know of any cheap tire spots? Or wheel and tire combo deals?
    I ordered a set of 18x8.5 rotiform nue wheels. after a month of "they'll ship in 2 weeks" the rotiform guy told me its gonna be at least 6 weeks. im not pleased w rotiform and kinda wanna cancel my order. i really like the look of the neuspeed rse05 (basically volk te37 reps) but they only come...
    So I need a little information and assistance in understanding all this rim and tire terminology. I am wanting to get a whole new wheel setup when I need new tires. I've been looking at some 18x8.5 and also 18x8.75 rims. I have no idea what this translates to for tires. I am also installing a...
    Hello ladies and gentlemen. If you would be so kind as to share which tires you run in the summer, that would be simply stellar. In your post please indicate: 1. Size (2xx/xx/1x) 2. Brand 3. Model 4. How long you've had them 5. Your driving style 6. How they perform (comfort, handling, noise...
    Selling my stock wheels and tires. Some curb rash,not visible from a few feet away........... tires need replaced in a few thousand miles, definitely drivable though.......Asking $500 obo
  11. MKV GTI
    I recently got new rims and tires on my mk5. I put on enkei lusso 18x8's with 225/40/r18 tires on (yokohamas with more aggressive tread pattern). I also recently switched out spark plugs to bosch platinum iridium with a .7mm gap. My gti has almost 70000 miles on it, and recently I have seen a...
  12. MKV GTI
    hello, i know this might get trashed and cause its my first post but here goes.. im looking to get a set of steel rims and a set of winter tires for my gti, called the dealership by where i live and he said since i have the 18" stock rims that they cant fit the car with a set of steels..? he...
    $1000. These are off my recently purchased 2012 GTI. They have approx 850 miles on them. Practically new. No scratches or curb rash. Tires are Pirelli Pzero nero all season 225/40-18. Comes with lug bolts (including anti-theft ones with tool) and plastic lug bolt caps. Local pick-up only. I...
  14. MKVI GTI
    Hey everyone! My 2011 GTI came with 18" rims and dunlop tires. Front tires need change and I'm only at 18000 miles... even after several rotations. What tire brand are the best? Can I get away with summer tires all year in Atlanta? Thanks!
  15. MKV GTI
    I'm looking to pick up some wheels to use with my Nokian Hakkapeliitta's i use in the winter to get around Eastern Washington. I don't like the idea of constantly taking the summer and winter sets on and off the same wheels (I'm pretty sure its terrible for the tire). I don't want to buy...
  16. MKVI GTI
    i just did the APR stage 1, along with the torque mount. It went badly at first-the car died, and it turned out to be a dead ECU. It was probably due to VW of Santa Monica not reinstalling properly after an update, and the shop (Euroworx) did the right thing and replaced it. Anyway, the...
  17. MKV GTI
    I've been debating a set of 18 inch mandrus regenmeisters off a local guy by me for a great deal. My question is will they fit properly. Bolt pattern is obviously correct but the offset is 32 and the width is 8.5 inches. The tires are 215/40/18 and 235/40/18. I'm on stock 07 height right now but...
  18. VW GTI
    Okay, I made the mistake of test-driving a GTI, and from that moment forward, I knew it was just a matter of time. Bought an '09 6-speed, two-door, red with black tinted windows, and I can't believe how much fun it is to drive. I'm 53-years-old, so this isn't my first rodeo. My wife and I...
  19. MKV GTI
    keep it mind its peeling off(2007, 50k miles). and that may be due to the fact i put slime in that tire/rim. thoughts/answers? i didnt think it was a big deal so i left it alone and put another tire on(unrelated)
  20. New Member Introductions
    Okay, so in light of recent events here on MFG, I've decided to take it upon myself to write up a quick little thread on how to read a tire size. We'll use the stock tire size on a MKIV 1.8T for reference. 225/45/17. Let's break this down. 225 - This means that the tire is 225mm wide from the...
1-20 of 24 Results