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    Hi all, Recently purchased a 2003 GTI which has been running great for the past month or so. However recently it has had intermittent issues with juddering and shaking when I put it into first or reverse gear. It is the 5 speed auto tiptronic trans (JP JC7). If I then move it back to neutral or...
    hello guys i have a question for you. im looking to replace my Triptronic circuit board (LIGHT FIBER OPTIC) on my shifter, my part number is 1J0 919 067 E. I have found another LIGHT FIBER OPTIC but the part number for that part is 1J0 919 067 D. Will it still work for my GTI, what is the...
    My '05 GTI is having some issues with the tiptronic system. It is a 1.8T. It can go into tiptronic mode, but the shifting is just spotty. It shifts down no problem at any time, but will rarely shift up into the proper gear without multiple bumps of the shifter. Is there any way to tune the...
1-3 of 3 Results