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    Hey guys, I recently just purchased my first car (2002 Gti 337) and I love it!!!!! But one problem with it, is that the sound system sounds like CRAP! First of all, is there any simple fix to this, maybe im missing something? and secondly, I love bass and really want a sub setup in my "trunk"...
  2. MKV GTI
    I think the guy said itd be putting out like 275W RMS. 10" orion sub with amp (forget what type) with ported box and installation: $400. Good? Should I look elsewhere? I'm sorta hesitant to go with a non-name brand. Also, is that enough power? My brother has a 12" Jackhammer which hits pretty...
    So I had ordered the factory Dynaudio with my Gti. Its good but I want better. Im going to keep the stock interiors and add a JLw6 stealth box with a 600 rms JL amp. Im going to be dishing out 1,200 bucks for this. Anyone have something similiar ? I have had throw together systems before but I...
1-3 of 3 Results