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  1. MKV GTI
    First post, liking the forums so far.. So much information! Well, here goes: I have a 2009 GTI, two door, and I'd like to swap out some audio, maybe make it better. I feel the factory sound is killer after throwing in a Pioneer in-dash nav, but the sound it's 'loud enough'. I'm looking for...
    Hey guys, I recently just purchased my first car (2002 Gti 337) and I love it!!!!! But one problem with it, is that the sound system sounds like CRAP! First of all, is there any simple fix to this, maybe im missing something? and secondly, I love bass and really want a sub setup in my "trunk"...
    So I recently decided to put a new sound system in... Well a sub because I found out the speakers are riveted into the door. It's ok because those little suckers seem to be able to put out a lot of sound if no bass is used. The problem I have with subs are thatthe boxes take up room in the car...
    I'm about to start installing two 10" subs and an amp on my rear hatch lid in my 20th. Ill put up pics of my progress. What do you guys think? Ive seen different opinions online. Ill need to cut holes and make separate enclosures for the subs. Wish me luck!
    i know this in tales an in depth answer but i'd love some help! i have never installed subs- my buddy did it for me last time. can someone give me a step by step on how?? i already have most things from my old car, i just wanna install it in my sexy car ;) seriously....MUCH appreciated!
1-5 of 5 Results