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    Hi all, I am located in Waterdown ON Canada and selling a few parts. I am new to the forum and was not sure if there is a Classifieds section, please let me know if I have not posted this correctly. FS: - APR Carbon intake (CCTA) $250 CDN - AWE 2.5" Turbo back exhaust $1000 CDN - H&R Super...
    OK so I recently got my GTI and the guy before me had shaved springs which is a problem because it is too low for where I live, any suggestions for springs I should get?
    Hi, I just bought my 03 vr6 gti. I really want to lower it with just springs, I have read that lowering springs screw up shocks and struts but I have receipts from the previous owner, it has brand new OEM struts/shocks, only like 10k on them. so would it be ok to do like a 2in drop?
  4. VW GTI For Sale
    Brand new, never used, in the box VWR sport springs by APR for MK5/MK6 GTI/GOLF. Any questions/offers feel free to pm me. asking $250 obo
    I ordered a set of 18x8.5 rotiform nue wheels. after a month of "they'll ship in 2 weeks" the rotiform guy told me its gonna be at least 6 weeks. im not pleased w rotiform and kinda wanna cancel my order. i really like the look of the neuspeed rse05 (basically volk te37 reps) but they only come...
  6. MKV GTI
    I am purchasing new suspension this month and would like your opinions on the setup, and I also have a few questions. Here's what I'm looking at: H&R Super Sport Spring & Bilstein Sport Shocks Combo $850.19 H&R Rear...
    This could help my chances or hurt my chances, but I'll put it out there. Anyone in this contest? Eibach "Gaps Anonymous" Contest on Facebook. Throw me some votes!! I am either going to get a ton of votes thanks the support from the MFG community... or I am going to see a TON of GTI's in the...
    I have my stock struts and springs for sale. They have about 15k miles on them and are still clean and rust free. Asking $200. If you are interested please PM me or email at [email protected] Oh, I'm in the upstate NY area. Thanks!
  9. MKV GTI
    i been looking for a while at which springs i want to get but cant make a decision. ive always had coilovers on all my cars and now that im getting springs i want to make sure they are going to give my car the right stance. generally the front of my mkv gti has a tiny bit more wheel gap then the...
  10. MKIV GTI
    I am new to this site and my GTI could really use some new suspension, the ride is horrible. So i plan on getting a new setup and lowering it. Any suggestions????
  11. MKIV GTI
    Im looking to lower my gti about 1.5inches and am not sure what the best kit I can get is. I have a 2003 1.8T and a budget of about 275 ish. Any help would be great.
  12. MKIV GTI
    Have a MK6 now, so can't use them anymore. Brand New, Never used, Full Set, retails for $329. I'm from Scranton, PA if you want to pick up, or PM for price. Thanks. H&R OE SPORT SPRINGS 54724-55 F&R : Drop 1.0" F, 0.5" R FITS: Golf IV & Jetta IV : 1.8T, VR6, TDI
    Raceland Coilover Kit for MKIV Golf/Jetta. Used only 2 months. Also includes Raceland sway bar end extensions and Front Strut Bushings/Bearings. $300 + Shipping or best offer. Los Angeles area. PM me if interested.
    I saved some money to buy springs, I want more aggressive look but at the same time I want to keep the same original comfort driving or closer to that. I have some option.. Neuspeed spring kit race H&R lowering springs Eiback springs Ksort springs Or Raceland coilovers. Any recommendation?
  15. MKVI GTI
    Hey guys, Do you think I could drive my 2011 GTI with a 1.5 inch lowing kit and not be concerned about messing up my car in New england (MA) with all those pot holes and snow and ice? Or would it be safer to go with 1.2? Thanks
  16. MKV GTI
    Hey guys, So I have just been lurking on these forums for a few months now but have finally accumulated enough cash to start modding my 2006 MKV. I am looking around at different suspension options and was wondering if anyone has any experience with these suckers...
  17. MKV GTI
    Hey guys, the 4x4 suspension lift kit on my 2006 gti is bugging me, and I'd love to drop my fast about an inch all around. I've heard that the earlier model gti's (06-07) have taller springs then the later years (08-09)? Is this true? Would I be able to buy a set of 2008 oem springs from the...
  18. MKIV GTI
    Hey everyone i am looking for the best/most comfortable ride possible for my gti because its my DD.I was looking at some Koni yellows for struts and also what springs to use too because im looking for some drop too.Thanks
    Hey guys, just got my 03 1.8t gti. This is the first time ive had a car that i wanted to mod and i was wondering about something. Im planning on eventually getting a chip, intake and exhaust. My question is after i get all of this will i need to upgrade the suspension. Will coilovers or springs...
1-19 of 19 Results