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    I found a set of wheels for a good price and they are 18x8.5 witch will fit but the bolt pattern is wrong but he also has spacers/adapters that are 1 inch wide would they even fit? can i get smaller spacers/adapters that will make them fit? please help i need to know soon so i can make a move on...
  2. MKV GTI
    Hey guys. I was looking into rims to get for my GTI for Christmas. I stumbled across some 911 997 reps for an awesome price. Here are the stats; 18x8.5 +57 front and 18x9.5+46 rear. I have done some searching around and I know there was a guy who ran these on his GTI, but what exactly would I...
  3. VW GTI
    Having installed a Hot Wheels wide body kit from Extreme Dimentions on my 2007 GTI (pictures to follow) which brings the fenders out 2 1/2 inches further from body. I was considering getting spacers and keeping my old wheels but I would need about 70 mm. Or I can buy new wheels. What is offset...
1-3 of 3 Results