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    Two years ago i went to Stage 2+ on my 2013 GTI and i had a lot of fun, but, as we all know, power comes with a price... damn CLUTCH!!! The fact that i was not driving like i just stole the car, and was able to down shift and match the rev, i was able to save that OEM clutch. Even the guys at...
    So i got myself a short shifter and did a lot of research for DIY. The video below is great and all the info i got online looks exactly the same as the video on the link below: The issue started when i tried to pull the shifter out... It does not want to come out!!! I was afraid of wiggleling...
    So I am looking into short shifters and hacking the stalk down a bit. Wanted some feedback form the comune to see who has done what and what is a good brand to roll with. I was thinking the following: ECS Adjustable short shift kit (it has weights and 4 settings) Forge adjustable side-side...
1-3 of 3 Results