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    Hey everyone, the other night (amidst an already terrible week) my shift cable broke, I was cruising around and when I tried to get into 3rd my shifter went limp, and I popped the hood to see a shift cable had disconnected from the plastic holding it on. My question is, will I need to replace...
    hello guys i have a question for you. im looking to replace my Triptronic circuit board (LIGHT FIBER OPTIC) on my shifter, my part number is 1J0 919 067 E. I have found another LIGHT FIBER OPTIC but the part number for that part is 1J0 919 067 D. Will it still work for my GTI, what is the...
    Excellent condition, made by Votex in Germany. $110 shipped. Add 3% if not using paypal gift.
    Hi, I have a 01' Gti VR6, (got it last week) everything is fine with it. But i noticed something with the shift lever, when i have it in neutral and move it left to right, (check for neutral) it tends to stick to the right or left instead of springing back to the center. It usually does...
    I am looking into getting a short shifter but I have not talked to anyone that has one in their car. Can anyone tell me if they are worth getting and also where I can buy one?
    I have the gti 03 1.8 T automatic trans. I bought the car around a year ago and now I have 75k miles on it. A couple months ago my trans started acting up by not going in reverse sometime. All I have to do is drive around for a little for Reverse to actually work. Eventually my fourth and fifth...
  7. MKV GTI
    Hi guy's I'm new here and I dig it!!!!!! I just bought a GTI V used 2006 but I need a part wich is the shifter plate the one with the letters D,N,R etc. I tried to buy it from the dealership but they want me to buy the whole shifter but i just need that piece ...the plate cuz mine is fade...
  8. New Member Introductions
    so i just bought my first car (used 2000 golf) and the first thing i wanted to do was change the shifter knob and boot because its old. The only problem im having is getting that metal ring off around the shifter. ive been told to just cut or break it off, but i dont know what to use to cut the...
1-8 of 8 Results