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    Anyone have any parts for sale. I have a 2006 mkv GTI. Looking for CAI, catback, diverter valve (D), etc... I live in TN (Nashville). Will pay for shipping if your not local. Thanks in advance.
  2. MKV GTI
    I don't know if there's a "for sale" section on this forum but anyone trying to get rid of some Snows for an '06? or maybe just a set of steelies for cheap? Thanks!
  3. MKV GTI
    Been looking around at a short ram intake, figured I check here first to see if anyone is trying to get rid of one in the New England area. ...I hope this isn't against forum rules
  4. MKV GTI
    I want to get some black wheels and was wondering I can get for these when I sell them after. Roughly...
    hey guys... i finally got me a pair of some pretty AMG rims for my vdub so im sellin my huffs...their of course the stock 18 inch huffs with the stock VW center selling them without tires. Im askin for $350+s/h OBO. If anyone on here needs some or knows anyone who needs some huffs let...
  6. My Fast....
    Hey GTI People, In 2002 I bought my very own GTI VR6, with a six speed transmission from Boston VW and have enjoyed it very much. Because I'm moving to downtown I'm thinking of selling it (can't afford the parking, nor will I use it much), but I'm not sure what the best way is to a) get a fair...
1-6 of 6 Results