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  1. MKV GTI
    hey guys, so yeah, im new to vw, not new to tuning, or these forums. yeah i already know 20k+ people and their mom are going to bash me and tell me to search but i have and can only get pieces of a definitive answer - other may argue im not searching enough - to them i then respond FOOL THIS IS...
  2. MKV GTI
    So I know I've seen multiple threads on this topic, but I didn't see a lot of feedback about Revo. I know a guy who owns a performace shop and is an authorized Revo tuner, so pricewise I can get a deal on a Revo tune. I just want to get some feedback about Revo vs the competition.
    i want the big REVO sticker were can i get it??? i tryed posting a pic hopefully it worked
1-4 of 4 Results