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    Ok so I went ahead and bought my first new vw I've owned a few older vw bugs. I have an 02 golf gti 1.8t I just purchased from a local here in vermont. I got it for a pretty good price so I thought. I noticed it had a few boost leaks before purchasing it......commen for boosted cars. Anyways...
    i have a problem, my coolant has been leaking lately and i cant figure out the problem. the coolant leaks from the right side and when i went to look under the car i noticed it dripping from the underside of the engine. i had my fther mechanic look at it and he automatically assumed it was the...
    Well i have a 2000 GTI 1.8t And i noticed that after driving the car The valve cover feels really hot! My temp guage is is at like 195 (normal). If you could help that would be awesome!!
    hey my post count tells all but I recently got a 2002 gti with the 1.8t 5 speed (107k miles) and the other night the clutch started slipping under moderate acceleration. then the next morning it got worse so i pulled over to check it out and i went to take off again, put it into first (using the...
  5. MKV GTI
    I bought an '06 2.0 New GTI about 3 weeks ago from a used car dealership in Massachusetts. So far i've had to replace the compressor for the air conditioner, a turbo valve and ...someother valve, and now my mass air sensor went off and I have a huge deficiency in my engine vacuum (at the shop...
  6. New Member Introductions
    I just bought an '06 GTI 2.0T - as the title states - and I just want to know if there is any problems I should look out for or expect in the coming months/years. Also, what is a good website for parts? P.S. I LOVE THIS CAR ALREADY!
    hatch doesnt work -_______________________- driver door doesnt lock passenger door's lock's guts came out.. like the thing that the key goes in. i have the code for the anti theft radio but it wont unlock. and the e brake wire is either snapped... or even worse maybe the ebrake was grinding and...
    Problems with your 2010 GTI? Post them in this stickied Thread.
    PLEASE HELP.!.! PLEASE i was cut off recently and swerved to avoid the drunks and had no room it was either them or well the curb so i hit the curb and broke both driver side rims and the a arm was beant shock tower mount broke as well as the electronic break connector [owned] well ive since...
    [help]..i have a 2004 gti vr6 and my gauge unit is flickering occasionally sometimes they work and sometimes they dont im not sure if the gauge wiring connector or some sort of wiring is just loose or what it maybe sometimes they work fine and sometimes they flicker on and off sometimes hitting...
1-10 of 10 Results