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    Installed a valentine one radar detector, daytime running lights and a p3 cars gauge Gonna install forge blow off valve next week and plan to get a good performance exhaust and intake hope u guys like it and give me comments plz :P
  2. SouthWest Region of the United States: California,
    Hello out there - I am in the process of writing an article about "modern classics" for The first article in the series on BMWs e30 will be appearing on the site next week and the next article in the series will focus on VW's MKI GTi. That's where you come in. So, "What's...
    A friend just picked up his GTI last week, its equipped exactly like mine only in Black Magic. Neither of us had given our cars the proper detail treatment since taking delivery, so that's what we decided to do yesterday. The Black Magic had some pretty bad lines in the clearcoat, it wasn't...
1-3 of 3 Results