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  1. MKV GTI
    Hi, I'm fairly new to my 2007 GTI Fahrenheit, and I'm looking for some recommendations on some mods. So far I have installed coil overs, and a Cold Air Intake. What would you recommend as the next step to take. I've thought about an intercooler, and I've also been thinking about installing some...
  2. VW GTI
    i just installed the K&N yesterday and have a few concerns i'm hoping someone can address for me. first the stock air injection hose seems to be under a lot of pressure and tension being held down by the k&n airbox - the elbow on the hose is being bent all the way straight when its obviously...
  3. MKV GTI
    (Drum Roll) xcrazydx and myself have dedicated some time in the past month to assembling the following MKV guide for the general public out there on This is a rough draft. Please provide commentary: what you like, what you dont like, what you would like to see added, what should...
1-3 of 3 Results