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  1. MKV GTI
    New to posting here, Wanted some insight on what i should look at! Car ran fine when i shut it off last night, Today it would not start. Recently replaced battery due to slow crank, Ran well for about a week after that. The temp outside has been 9 degrees F. and today was 30 degrees F. I've...
  2. MKV GTI
    Hey Everyone! This is my first post so please bear with me haha. So I have decided to get myself a 6MT 2009 MKV GTI with 64k miles on it. Delivery will probably be sometime around next weekend and I have been doing a lot of research. Something I couldn't find is what to do immediately once I...
  3. MKV GTI
    Hi guys, So I'm currently in the market for new aftermarket wheels, and have been eyeing some old corvette wheels as they are going for very low prices (like $150-$200 a set). They're typically 17 x 8.5's or 17 x 9/9.5's, and I'm trying to figure out what would be the best tire size to put on...
  4. MKV GTI
    I took the whole subframe off to install the front sway bar, how bad did I mess up?
  5. MKV GTI
    i have talked to a few buddies at vw and they said if I hone it and sleeve it I'm screwed I just thought I would ask on here to get some other opinions of people that have done it and their stories good or bad. I know it is normal for about 1/2 qt/oil change but I went through 5 in a 4.9 qt...
  6. MKV GTI
    How labor intensive? How much am I gonna be cursing at myself for tearing into it? It is just an oem replacement not aftermarket mod.
  7. VW GTI For Sale
    Guys... Worst time of my life here but I have decided to quit working full time and go to school. With this change I have to sell my GTI. I just cannot afford it any more. Basically I bought it as a certified pre-owned from a dealer. Put a little over 10k miles on it the last year I have owned...
  8. MKV GTI
    WTS PARTS FOR 07-09 VW GTI KSport Pro Comp Front Big Brake Kit (Prt# BKVW051-83150) 1000.00obo 330 x 32 Cross Drilled 2 Piece Rotors - 8 Piston Calipers/Orange - Brake Lines & Pads KSport Rear Rotor Kit (Prt# BUVW051-42SR)...
  9. MKV GTI
    Hi i have a mark 5 gti 08 and it is not lowered or bagged yet. But i want to get some new rims because i don't really like the stock rims but i need ideas. Anyone? Feel free to post your pics or links on some that you have seen. Im thinking black,gold or polished. Help me out guys. Thank you.
  10. MKV GTI
    So this may be a stupid question but...does my 07 GTI need fan fuses? Air con blows hot and both are missing. Havent had it that long so I was wondering if that would help. Thank you.
  11. MKV GTI
    First of all: DAMN. Car has no acceleration above 2500RPM in all gears. Idles at 750. No CEL. Only codes pulled were misfires in all four cylinders and a turbo under-boost. Codes were cleared pending their return. The exhaust sounds like its obstructed by something. Around 45MPH if i put my foot...
  12. MKV GTI
    The aftermath of the most recent Noreastern in CT :D My poor fast... [help]
    So for the past few days I've been grappling with my engine trying to get a faulty mechanical boost gauge I bought to work. I ended up purposely running it over. So now I've decided I'm going to do it right. I want to install three electronic gauges. The other two, I can do myself. The one I'm...
1-13 of 13 Results