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    I am selling my Glen Watkins Rims off my 2013 GTI Drivers Edition. Rims have no major rash. A couple rims have a little micro rash on the very outside edge of the rim, where it meets the tire, but it is literally not visible. Bought the car when it was a year old, and have not kissed a single...
  2. VW GTI For Sale
    For my 6 speed manual candy white stage 2 Mk6 gti. Bought the car with 60k on it and it currently has 95xxx and will go up as it is my daily driver. Emissions are good until 2019. I bought the car bone stock from J&M automotive in Naugatuck in late March of 2015. Since then the following work...
    OSRAM is launching a full retrofit upgrade headlamp set for VW Golf VI owners who want their cars to outshine all others. The new LEDriving Xenarc Golf VI Black Edition headlamps give cars an instant, contemporary, road legal upgrade using powerful Xenon and state-of-the-art LED technology with...
    Hey guys, Alright here's the deal. I recently purchased Unitronic Stage 1+ along with the Uniconnect cable. Today I decided to flash my ECU. I downloaded all the Uni software on my laptop, and registered it. Then I connected to the car. It recognized the ECU. I cleared the current CEL that I...
  5. VW GTI For Sale
    Still BNIB. Includes new throw out bearing, alignment tool and new hardware. Looking for $850 for whole setup, buyer pays for shipping. Text me for pics 4842691180
    I have not seen this out there so I wanted to share. Problem: When the phone is paired to the car as a Bluetooth media player it would start automatically playing even if I did not switch to the bluetooth input, this was very frustrating because it would auto start my podcast or spotify when I...
    Hey everyone just posting for the first time after buying a 2014 GTI over a week ago. I am pretty excited to be apart of the GTI family, this car is astounding. I was previously an owner of a 2005 Impreza 2.5RS. I had that car for around 10 years, the only car I've owned until now. The RS was a...
    So I have a Stage 2 MK6 GTI with a Stage 2 SB Endurance clutch that is only 5 months old. I definitely ride the car hard. Yesterday I tapped a curb while taking a corner, it was a light tap since it was the rounded kind. Well my brake fluid light came on and off a couple times right after that...
  9. VW GTI For Sale
    Brand new, never used, in the box VWR sport springs by APR for MK5/MK6 GTI/GOLF. Any questions/offers feel free to pm me. asking $250 obo
  10. MKVI GTI
    Just swapped out my stock tail lights for the spyder LED ones, disregard how dirty she is... get it washed and it just gets covered in salt all over again. I think they look 100x better than the old lights tho..... next stop: APR stage 1 tune 8)
  11. MKVI GTI
    Whatsup everybody, I'm not gonna pretend like I know it all because I certainly don't and I am here to learn lol.... I've been reading forums up and down and one thing I have decided I definitely do want to do is lower my car and get rid of that wheel gap. I do have to occasionally go over small...
    just grabbed some spyder LED tail lights and am looking to get rid of my stock ones, as of now i am taking offers!
  13. MKVI GTI
    Hey everybody just got a black 2011 manual GTI and already know the first upgrade im making is APR stage 1 tune and an intake, but I was considering plasti dipping my detroits. I have seen them plasti dipped black and thought it was rather boring... what do you think about the gold or bronze...
  14. 2.0T FSI / TSI Engines
    So I know this subject has been debated before but I'm new to this forum and I am a new GTI owner so I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me out or refer me to a previous post. My question is which forge "if any" kit should I go with BOV or DV?
  15. MKVI GTI
    So I need a little information and assistance in understanding all this rim and tire terminology. I am wanting to get a whole new wheel setup when I need new tires. I've been looking at some 18x8.5 and also 18x8.75 rims. I have no idea what this translates to for tires. I am also installing a...
  16. Da Haus (The House)
    STORY CONTEST: Winners will come to Willow Springs on 12/22 for Mulholland Auto Club's Streets of Willow event! 1st Place: One Full Day On The Track ($120.00) 2nd Place: Half Day On The Track ($65.00) 3rd Place: Half Day On The Track ($65.00) 4th Place: Skid Pad ($10.00) Simply, Post a...
  17. GTI Image Gallery
    I'm cruising along the interstate, hit an area with little to no traffic and a large wall between lanes and no place for troopers on the other side.Before I could reach top speed I caught up with some slow moving traffic.
  18. MKVI GTI
    Ok... MK6... Function>Form I am getting new wheels, and tires. (need opinions on best of each... no more than $1,500 for the combo). I also want to lower the car (need opinions on coilovers v. springs (keep stock shocks)). So the real question is ... how should i piece it all together??? I...
    Selling 2 MINT condition, 1 not terribly stratched, and one buffed out to 99% perfection! Reason for selling: coils call for smaller rims! :) Only damage was done when an 83 yr old woman ran over my wheel. 2 = $600 4 = $1000 location: Midtown - Los Angeles. (delivery possible ASAP)(within...
1-20 of 33 Results