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  1. VW GTI
    Alright so I just bought some bbs lm reps(i know im a cheap ****) and I need some help with spacer size and tire size. 18"x10" - Set of Four Offset: 30mm Center Bore: 57.1mm Bolt Pattern: 5x112 Silver with a 3" Polished Lip Center Caps Included Requires Conical Seat Lug Bolts Weight: 25 lb...
    Installed a valentine one radar detector, daytime running lights and a p3 cars gauge Gonna install forge blow off valve next week and plan to get a good performance exhaust and intake hope u guys like it and give me comments plz :P
  3. MKVI GTI vs. ?
    as claimed by the Mustang GT owner , he had full bolts on roll 50 km/h he jumped first obviously but the result is still the same xD Enjoy .. Notice : considering comments from other forums the mustang may not be full bolts on.
1-3 of 3 Results