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    Hi all, Just joined the club by buying a used 2011 GTI. After a few days with the car, and after reading the manual, I've run into a really strange problem: it appears that the car has no way of accessing the menus on the MFI! Page 24 of the manual suggests two ways: either the multi-function...
    Hello, I'm actually a newbie to this forum. I bought my 2013 GTI last saturday and it's my first VW car. I was driving Honda until then. So, I have some questions: 1. Audio turns off when I turn off the ignition. I found out that I can turn it back on by pressing the power button, but it turns...
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    Brand new owner of a 2012 GTI 6sp manual and loving every minute of it! I have a question about my MFI(I believe it's called), the heads-up display between my tach and my speedometer. I understand the top and bottom (time, gear, mileage, trip, etc) but I can only get the "Phone Information" to...
1-3 of 3 Results