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  1. MKV GTI
    Hey all, I have been having some serious issues with my Turbo/MAF/MAP and I need to find a good shop in Western Long Island to help get it fixed. I really don't have a ton of funds and my boyfriend doesn't really have the time right now to look at it. Any idea where I can get it looked at? I...
    We're road tripping to our new home in STL in a few weeks, and my baby needs a good once over. Can anybody suggest a good independent VW shop? It'll be four of us over 1800 miles, so aim considering a roof rack. Any advice?
    Hey guys, Does anyone know a mechanic in the Miami area ? I recently bought a '03 1.8T with 80K miles. I looooove the car ! My engine light has been on for a while now, I took the car to a mechanic and neither the computer or the mechanic himself could tell me what the problem was... I feel...
    I'm trying to find used or new parts for as cheap as possible as i have recently been involved in a wreck that ruined most of the front end of my GTI. If anybody knows any good Canadian websites, places I can search, or stores I can go to in order to find side panels, headlights, grills, etc...
1-4 of 4 Results