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  1. MKV GTI
    Hey Everyone! This is my first post so please bear with me haha. So I have decided to get myself a 6MT 2009 MKV GTI with 64k miles on it. Delivery will probably be sometime around next weekend and I have been doing a lot of research. Something I couldn't find is what to do immediately once I...
  2. VW GTI For Sale
    For my 6 speed manual candy white stage 2 Mk6 gti. Bought the car with 60k on it and it currently has 95xxx and will go up as it is my daily driver. Emissions are good until 2019. I bought the car bone stock from J&M automotive in Naugatuck in late March of 2015. Since then the following work...
    I just wanted to provide some links to the downloadable service manuals I have for the MKIV's I Hope They Help!!!:@@: ATSG JF506E 09A Transmission Update Handbook Self-Study Program 232 - 5-speed Automatic Gearbox 09A-09B...
    Hi All! First post, new member. I'm looking for a PDF of the 2010 GTI Maintenance Manual/s. Can anyone please send me in the best direction for this? Paid or free, whatever works. David
    Car won't go into 1st gear, Son said he went to 1st from 3rd at about 30 mph. Said he heard a noise, now can't shift into 1st. All other gears seem to be fine. ANY Suggestions??????
    So I have a Stage 2 MK6 GTI with a Stage 2 SB Endurance clutch that is only 5 months old. I definitely ride the car hard. Yesterday I tapped a curb while taking a corner, it was a light tap since it was the rounded kind. Well my brake fluid light came on and off a couple times right after that...
  7. VW GTI For Sale
    I'm reluctantly selling my 2011 GTI (Excellent Condition), given the impractical nature as a family car (2nd child on the way). Drives amazing never had a single issue. Was purchased brand new from the dealer and have had regular scheduled maintenance ever since. Carfax report...
  8. VW GTI For Sale
    $15,300 2008 GLI, Manual 4cly, Turbocharged 2.0t 66,000 miles, averages MPG 34 HWY/ 21 city Dark 'platinum' grey exterior has a few light scratches by keyhole, otherwise in top condition, grey plaid interior is in like NEW condition. Factory installed: in-dash SIRUS XM radio, 6 CD changer/...
    So i got an annoying/nasty grind going into third gear sometimes, so I want to change the gearbox oil in my 5 speed. Hopefully that will solve it... anyways, I've been looking around at what fluids are good. All I know is that I have to get something that is easy on brass synchro's. I had my eye...
  10. MKVI GTI
    i just picked up my 2012 4dr GTI 6M yesterday. no mod plans yet i want to get that 3 month checkup before i toy with anything. just wanted to say hi.
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm brand new to the forum and could use your help. I am considering getting my first GTI. I have been looking at the MKIV's because they are closest in my price range. I could probably afford the 5-6k range for my purchase. I have been poking at the following car on CL...
  12. MKIV GTI
    The dealership told me never to change the transmission fluid in my manual transmission or else i'll start to have transmission problems. Is this true?
  13. MKIV GTI
    comin home from deployment soon, been gone since june of last year, so there's some plans up my sleeve to make up for not being around to piss off the Honolulu police dept. for so long. takin out my silverline coils and gettin bagged up and replacing the fried up K03 with a new K04 to go with...
  14. MKVI GTI
    Trying to put on this new shift knob I got. It just screws on. Having trouble removing my stock knob. Anyone have any idea of removing just the knob. Its a 2011 GTI 6 speed manual. Thanks
  15. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, this is my first post here and was wondering: what would you guys would prefer? 2006 GTI 2.0 with Leather Seats and Manual Transmission OR 2007 GTI 2.0 with Regular Cloth Seats and DSG Transmission I'm diggin both but don't know which one to...
1-15 of 15 Results