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    Hi, I just bought my 03 vr6 gti. I really want to lower it with just springs, I have read that lowering springs screw up shocks and struts but I have receipts from the previous owner, it has brand new OEM struts/shocks, only like 10k on them. so would it be ok to do like a 2in drop?
  2. MKV GTI
    I am looking at putting my GTI on bags. I'd like to hide all of the tanks and gizmos where my spare goes and then have my switches in the middle compartment or something. Anyone on bags? Tips? Advice? Regret? Turtles?
  3. MKV GTI
    i been looking for a while at which springs i want to get but cant make a decision. ive always had coilovers on all my cars and now that im getting springs i want to make sure they are going to give my car the right stance. generally the front of my mkv gti has a tiny bit more wheel gap then the...
    I am new to this site and my GTI could really use some new suspension, the ride is horrible. So i plan on getting a new setup and lowering it. Any suggestions????
    Im looking to lower my gti about 1.5inches and am not sure what the best kit I can get is. I have a 2003 1.8T and a budget of about 275 ish. Any help would be great.
    Hi guys, I'm looking to lower my MKIV GTI and don't know what lowering kit I should go with. I've heard great things about Eichbach, H&R, and also the Raceland Coilover Kit. I've also heard getting just lowering springs will blow out the stock struts? I'm looking for an increase in stability...
  7. MKV GTI
    In your guys opinion, what would effect the handling of my car more, rear and/or front sway bars, lets say 24mm, or the FK High tec 40mm lowering springs. The springs would run me about 150+ tax, sway bars are just under 300. Which do you guys think I should get if I were to only get one of...
    I order the APR RCS turbo back exhaust system and I am also looking in lowering my 2011 GTI. I've been reading around and I've read the the APR turbo back exhaust sits a little lower then most exhaust under the car. If I get it lowered would I have a problem with clearance? Also how much should...
    [help] i have a 2004 gti vr6 with a h&r suspension already on the car, the car is lowered some not sure how much "just bought the car" but was wanting to put it on a full air ride suspension yes it is my daily driver but was wondering if anyone had any ideas on a brand or company to get the air...
1-9 of 9 Results