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    Hi everyone! I have a 2005 GTI that has an issue unlocking/locking. The remote key I have will not lock or unlock the car, but the car will lock when I put it into gear and drive. The DS door will also unlock when I open the door from the inside, but I have yet to lock it since I can only get...
  2. MKV GTI
    Simply silly question that bugs me. When my car is locked, if I walk up to the GTI with my flip key, I can pull open the door and set the alarm off. When my car is locked, why on earth should I be able to open it and set the alarm off? Seems like it should let me unlock the car like normal...
    I was fixing a speaker in my door panel, when I decided to open the hatch to get some electrical tape. I used the key because I already removed my hatch-unlock button from my door [don't ask why I didn't press the button on the key]. I turned the lock clockwise and the entire locking mechanism...
1-3 of 3 Results