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    SOLD! For Sale: I'm selling my Ziza LED Tail Lights that are six months old. There's nothing wrong with them, I just decided I want to go with the dark cherry tails instead. They are in mint condition and include the original packaging. I paid $425 brand new and selling them for $250 delivered...
  2. MKV GTI
    So I was trying to install LED's into my city lights earlier today, and noticed that my Driver side light isn't on. The bulb is new and I've tried both the normal Incandescent bulbs i have and the LED's. Neither work. It was off before i even opened the cover. Anyone have any ideas about how...
    Hi everyone, I don't want to get LED's with resistors, partly because they're more expensive, but mainly because that negates the power efficiency of the LEDs. Saw a video of an MK6 Golf 118TSI on Youtube where he used VAG COM to change byte 18 of the lights section and his bulb out warning for...
    Just swapped out my stock tail lights for the spyder LED ones, disregard how dirty she is... get it washed and it just gets covered in salt all over again. I think they look 100x better than the old lights tho..... next stop: APR stage 1 tune 8)
  5. MKV GTI
    was installing interior LEDs and got the 2 front top lights, the 3 back seat lights, the hatch light, and the driver side footwell, then stopped. all the lights worked perfectly. no dim lights or anything. after about 20 mins i come back and when i unlock the car only the driver footwell light...
  6. MKV GTI
    Hey guys n gals, I didn't see anything against selling stuffs from my previous MKV GTI on the forums. I just put up on ebay a New pair of Ziza LED City Light Conversion and a new pair of Smoked Side Markers. I originally bought the tinted markers from Parts4Euro and the Ziza LED City Lights...
  8. MKV GTI
    i swapped the driver side no prob, but the passenger side doesnt come off the same way,do you remove the glove box or what? seems to be all one peice(and all the DIY threads act like its the same from the drivers side and call it a day) THANKS!
  9. MKV GTI
    so i ordered replacement LED dome lights(5,all the same) and replaced the rear ones first and already they were doing weird things(not working at all,or consistently).I removed the middle one and then they behaved normally. I tried installing them in the front 2 and they wont light at all(no...
  10. MKV GTI
    sooooo, what if someone found a way to mount an led strip vertically on the inner edge of our fog grilles!! would that look amazing or what! photoshop please :D anybody have any ideas on how this could be accomplished? Thanks
1-10 of 10 Results