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    Hi all, I am located in Waterdown ON Canada and selling a few parts. I am new to the forum and was not sure if there is a Classifieds section, please let me know if I have not posted this correctly. FS: - APR Carbon intake (CCTA) $250 CDN - AWE 2.5" Turbo back exhaust $1000 CDN - H&R Super...
    I have the following parts that I put on Craigslist but am willing to eat the cost and ship to wherever you are. All parts are lightly used and fully functional. I had to return my car to stock. Neuspeed P-Flo with racing extension and extra cone filter for $200...
    Does anyone on this forum have a CTS turbo CAI? I was originally going to buy the APR CAI but the mechanic from my tuning shop recommended the CTS turbo one, he says it performs better than the APR one and its only $299 vs $375. Opinions?
    Anyone have any parts for sale. I have a 2006 mkv GTI. Looking for CAI, catback, diverter valve (D), etc... I live in TN (Nashville). Will pay for shipping if your not local. Thanks in advance.
  5. MKV GTI
    Been looking around at a short ram intake, figured I check here first to see if anyone is trying to get rid of one in the New England area. ...I hope this isn't against forum rules
  6. MKV GTI
    2007 MKV. About a week ago I installed a k&n cold air. A couple days later I heard a clicking sound that only lasted for a couple seconds, but since then I have felt as if my turbo is not working. I don't know if something could have happen when I put on the intake but took it to the dealership...
    if you havent read in my other post that the aem cai doesnt not work, well it doesnt. so i need to get another intake system. im thinking of the AFE stage 1 intake. is that any good?? does it give any shifting problems like the AEM brand does?? the afe is a shorter system and the filter stays in...
  8. GTI Video
    what can i put on it to make it sound tough. Any thoughts? ideas? feel free to let me know
    I have 400 miles on my MK6 and am looking to do some basics ... APR intake and a tune are first things i think .... any suggestions??? PLEASE COMMENT ON MY BUILD Check out www.MulhollandAutoClub.Com
  10. MKV GTI
    So after I made a custom intake and installed a 3" magnaflow exhaust where the stock dp ends my car has been making this weird sound from the bay. It's only noticeable when I step on it and I doubt it's the turbo spool. In the video it sounds like screeching tires but it's more of a wind blowing...
  11. MKV GTI
    06 gti 127k. loss of power, flashing cel (happened 2 times, flashed about 10-15 times each) now solid CEL. Scanned and codes are: 1. P0300-Random Multiple Misfire All Cylinders 2. P0642-Sensor Reference Voltage A Circuit Low 3. P2004-intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck open Bank 1 Im at 127k...
    MK6 TSI Forge Twintake For MK6 TSI APR Carbonio intake If interested let me know.
  13. MKV GTI
    I just recently got a 2009 GTI with DSG. I love everything about it, but I feel like it could do more. I haven't really done anything to increase it's performance yet. Does anyone have any suggestions of a low cost, high performance upgrade? Also, I was thinking about making my exhaust sound...
    Forge Twintake for the TSI engine. It's got roughly 3k on it. I'm asking 385 for it. A Brand new Twintake is currently 432.99 and is backorder. If interested, let me know. The link below shows a pic of the intake...
    Hello, I am selling my APR stage 1 Carbino intake which has less than 100 miles on it. I have the CBFA w/ extra breather filter included. - $260 OBO, if you need it shipped (+$10) PM or email me @ [email protected] for more information, I am local in West LA.
  16. MKV GTI
    Technically im a noob here, but to cars im not a noob. Recently made the swich from Honda to VW and couldnt be happier to be with you guys! Just got an 06 GTI MKV and heres my situation... so every now and then i get a CEL and get p0507, IAC reading higher volume of air then normal. i also get...
    Selling my carbonio stage 1 intake for mk6 gti only used for about a month perfect condition 200 bucks socal ill ship text 310 696 9754 if interested
  18. MKV GTI
    My CEL comes on every few days and goes off a day later. throws p0507 code IAC reading higher air then normal. Also throws code for catalyst threshold lower then expected but thats due to the other problem i assume. I can feel a small loss of power, fuel milage went down a tad, i get a small...
  19. MKVI GTI
    I've been trying to figure out why my car is been so sluggish even after APR Stage 1. It worked great for one day and then stopped! When it worked, the car would accelerate with ease and very little pressure on the throttle. Also the throttle response was quick and precise. Now in order to...
  20. MKV GTI
    Bought a injen short ram intake last night for my 09 gti. Everything went ok other than an extra hose where the stock intake started and the sensor wasnt long enough to bolt onto the intake. Does this mean its a FSI intake? Or can something be done to get my 160$ worth?? Bought it off craigslist...
1-20 of 36 Results