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    Hi guys! So I'm in the process of trying to install an aftermarket radio. Apparently VW doesn't like this, so no place, such as BestBuy, sells harness kits for installation. I don't need a new pocket that goes under my radio, so does anyone know of any good and somewhat cheap aftermarket radio...
    this weekend my radiator fan stopped working on my 03 GTI. figured i could remove the old unit and replace with a new one i picked up from the dealer for around $280. all around a successful install. anyone need any advice just let me know.
    I would like to know how to replace the front speakers in my MKIV. Has anyone else done it? Did you take pictures so I can see what to do? I don't wanna tear anything up without being sure of what I'm supposed to do... Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
    So yesterday i bought the prothane dogbone bushing kit for the mk4 gti. But I saw on ecs tuning that they got the 3 piece kit that comes with the bolts as opposed to the 2 piece prothane kit with no bolts. What i need help understanding is how the heck does that third circular bushing install...
  5. MKV GTI
    was installing interior LEDs and got the 2 front top lights, the 3 back seat lights, the hatch light, and the driver side footwell, then stopped. all the lights worked perfectly. no dim lights or anything. after about 20 mins i come back and when i unlock the car only the driver footwell light...
    Anybody here install Dynamat themselves? Or does anybody at least know how much I need to buy in order to get the rattles out of my front/rear door/side panels? I definitely need to install dynamat before I install my sub/amp. My car is already rattling with just the Monsoon system!
    I was wondering if anybody on here has experience with installing aftermarket tweeters in their 1.8t? From the looks of the photo, my stock tweeter mounts look way too small to fit this tweeter, but I could be wrong. SPEAKERS If you were wondering, I was thinking about testing these guys out...
    Hello, I live in Houston, TX and own a 2010 GTI MK6, and would like to install a roll cage for SCCA club racing. I have found these websites for the actual roll cage:
  9. MKV GTI
    just wondering if anyone knows where to hook up the remote wire for my amp to a power source in the car? i am running the stock head unit with the line out converter, but the LOC does not have a wire for the remote wire. is there any where else i could possibly tap into to get power for the amp...
1-9 of 9 Results