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  1. MKV GTI
    Hey guys! So I just brought my GTI back from an oil change and right off the bat I noticed that there is a bumping sound when it is idling, but can't be heard when I give it gas. Along with it the cars RPM's seem out of whack. Say I'm switching from 2nd to neutral at 2500, the RPM's will stay at...
  2. VW GTI Problems / Complaints
    So I'm at 35 k miles in my 08 gti and I just got. Tire alignment and some new tires. Couple days later(today) I feel it shaking when I'm idled for a bit at like a red light. When I opened the hood was open I could see it shaking back and forth. Anyone have any ideas? It doesn't happen instantly...
    Woo! Just replaced my speed/impulse/crankshaft-positioning sensor and I haven't encountered a problem yet! Super happy for my 3rd time in an engine bay ;D Anyways, what speed does your mkiv idle? I'm at 750rpm right now, and I could've sworn I used to be at 800rpm before I needed to replace my...
    Now, I'm wondering if anybody on here as actually changed [or seen] their own speed sensor? and if so, is this what it looks like? And does anybody have any experience with these sensors failing? Or know a way that I can test if this is the problem before I vagcom? I hope this thread isn't...
  5. MKV GTI
    I've noticed that my radiator fans never turn on, and the other day, I was sitting in the car (the car was idling in park) nd the temp needle slowly started to rise. Of course when I drive normally, the temp stabilizes at 190. Any ideas why my radiator fan wont turn on?
1-5 of 5 Results