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  1. MKV GTI
    Alright, so... I drive a 2008 Mark 5 DSG Trans GTI. Yesterday I did a trans fluid and filter change. All went smooth (besides the fact that I spilled a liter of fluid... whoops.) My issue is that somewhere alone the line of changing the fluid, I cracked a hose on both ends. It seems as if it's...
    so i just bought this 1.8t for cheap (yes i know its insanely dirty). Im trying to take the valve cover off. I took the breather hose off but there is this silver piece and hose there also that i didn't see when i googled it online. What is it and how do i take it off? thanks
    Hey All, I have a stock 2001 GTI 1.8T It's been running fine to my knowledge, but my check engine light came on recently. The guy at the shop says that the codes were related to it running lean/rich and a drop in vacuum/pressure. They ran a smoke check on the system and there were leaks...
    Hey guys, my car is leaking coolant from this hose connected to the resevior which has a y-shaped connector that is connect to two other hoses. The y-shaped connector has the leak, none of the hoses are affected and the source of the leak is the y-shaped connector. So, if anybody has info on...
    Also if you guys can could someone link me to a place to buy this cuz its a lil blown out! lol
1-5 of 5 Results