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  1. MKV GTI
    Hi there, I'm thinking to buy one that currently available. It's 2006, and about 100K miles on the clock. I read an article about 2006 GTI High Fuel pressure and cam something problems which sounded like over or about 2K repair. The owner said it's been behaving very good without any problem...
    Right now I have APR full turbo back exhaust, APR intake, APR chapped stage 2. I was looking at APR website and I think they say with their high pressure fuel pump you can go ecu stage 2+??? Is that another ECU upgrade? what HP gains does it give you from the stage 2 to stage 2+. Do you notice a...
  3. MKV GTI
    So i just went stage 2 uni and i know to get more power i should upgrade my Fuel Pump...Is there any cheaper way for fuel options or "more power" thats keeping the car reliable that is better then stock but not necessarily as expensive as a new Fuel Pump that i can do to get more out of my chip...
1-3 of 3 Results