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    Does any one know if MK2 Jetta parts can trade over to a GTI with little modification? Specifically speaking headlights and grills for the 1986 Models? I have the large square lights currently and want to keep my car as original as possible, and i noticed that the Jetta lights are easier to...
    Hey guy, i recently purchased an 02 gti 1.8t... im tryna make it look awsome before i do any internal engine work. i have the car lowered on coilovers and the vr6 rims on it already. BUT, im looking to get rid of this grill i have now (with the gaudy VW logo) and just run a plain black one...
  3. MKV GTI
    Hey guys, new to this site, and have to say, its pretty awesome. Ive searched and searched, but i can't find what i'm looking for. I recently removed my ugly front license plate mount from the black part on my grill on my 2006 and have to get the holes in it filled. It's was pretty scratched...
1-3 of 3 Results