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    I have the gti 03 1.8 T automatic trans. I bought the car around a year ago and now I have 75k miles on it. A couple months ago my trans started acting up by not going in reverse sometime. All I have to do is drive around for a little for Reverse to actually work. Eventually my fourth and fifth...
  2. MKV GTI
    im racing an 03 spec v tomoro. hes just got an intake and catback. i got a stage 2 mkv. ik ill win but thers so many ppl who talk **** about my car (idk y) and i really want to embarrass him. i know that 2nd gear starts around 40ish and ends around 60, and then 3rd ends at 80. but from a 40 roll...
    Hi everyone, I just bought an 05 gti last weekend. I notice that my car seems to lag, or stop accelerating when in giving it gas. its most prominent in second gear but have noticed it in first and third. Also what are some good starter upgrades to make my car faster. I test drove an 03...
1-3 of 3 Results