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    I installed my boost gauge today and it rests at -20psi at idle, but when i do full throttle runs it wont go past 0psi I have installed it properly off the fpr. Using the plastic wiring that came with the gauge. Im pretty positive i have no boost leak because i had seafoamed my car and no smoke...
    I have been really wanting a P3Cars interface for quite awhile now but still can't get past the price tag. I have noticed a lot of the P3Cars interfaces popping up here lately. I just ran across this option and thought I'd throw this out there. Looks to be a real contender and a bit less...
    whats up guys, its been nearly 2 years and i finally bought another gti... I got a 337 with 110k for 6k so i think i did pretty good imo. Everything is pretty clean, the owner said it was stock for as long as he had it, and he was the 2nd owner. This last weekend, i put in a mechanical boost...
1-3 of 3 Results