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  1. MKV GTI
    Hi all, newb here. I've always been more of a street bike guy (where electronics are simpler...). Car: 2008 GTI Problem: The low lights both stopped working simultaneously (I wish I knew the exact moment). The only thing I noticed between perfect function and no function was that my fog...
  2. MKV GTI
    So this may be a stupid question but...does my 07 GTI need fan fuses? Air con blows hot and both are missing. Havent had it that long so I was wondering if that would help. Thank you.
  3. MKV GTI
    My wife informed me that the phone charger (Kensington mini-USB) was not working in our 2006 GTI. I tried it in the 12 V accessory socket in the trunk. Also not working. I verified the charger itself was good in my 99 Passat. Checked out fusebox A. Number 24-25 Amp cig lighter and number...
1-3 of 3 Results