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    My radio in my '03 GTI will not work. I just bought the car and I am a new VW owner. I was told that it needed a new fuse but that does not seem to be the case. The radio is the only thing that will not turn on. Any comments/suggestions????
    Hello, I have a 97 GTI that seems to have a lock issue. I cannot lock or unlock any of the outside door locks(driver, passenger and rear hatch), but the lock button on the center console dash works fine. I know this central locking system works with a vacuum pump but it seems to working fine...
  3. MKV GTI
    Hey guys I'm looking to install an add a circuit connector in my 06's fuse box so I can wire in my new gauges. I'm planning on tapping the fuel pump fuse, which is 15a. The add a circuits I can find all have a limit of 10a. Would it still be alright to use a 5a fuse for my gauges and the 15a...
1-3 of 3 Results