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    Hey everybody just got a black 2011 manual GTI and already know the first upgrade im making is APR stage 1 tune and an intake, but I was considering plasti dipping my detroits. I have seen them plasti dipped black and thought it was rather boring... what do you think about the gold or bronze...
    Hiya myfastgtiers. I wanted to make this thread to see what everyone thinks about the 1,000 mile break-in period. Now my car was the test driver so it had about 240 miles on it when I got it and I assume some people pushed the GTI during their test drives. So I really don't have the opportunity...
    I have a black 2001 vw mk4 GTI vr6 and its in need of some sick ass wheeeeels. I'm looking for some 18x8 wheels with tires, preferably inexpensive (less than $1,300 total), black would be cool but I'll consider any color. thanks for the help
  4. GTI Video
    what can i put on it to make it sound tough. Any thoughts? ideas? feel free to let me know
  5. MKV GTI
    I have a 2007 Fahrenheit #(1083/1200) and I recently ordered my orange fast on eBay. I will be getting it soon and I have no clue where to put it inside the car. Please give me ideas. Thanks.
    Ive been looking to upgrade my GTI VR6 with either a supercharger or a turbo? i cant decide which one to get, any ideas?
  7. VW GTI For Sale
    Up for sale is my STOCK 2003 VW GTI 20th Anniversary. Runs great and strong. Very clean! Location: St. Paul, MN Miles: 108k Color: Jazzblue Selling for 7,000.
    So Im looking for something that is a little quicker than a GTI to be my weekender. Was looking on craigslist and saw this M3 let me know your opinions. I dont want an EVO or SRT-4. I want to to stick to German cars, or a supra. havent...
    I'm looking for a Fahrenheit fast figurine. can pay with pay pal. Let me know what's out there. Thank you.
  10. My Fast....
    So what is it that your Fast likes? My Fast loves Old German Town Road and Crystal Skull Vodka, just not together. [drive]
  11. My Fast....
    Got something that pisses your fast off? Post it in this thread.
  12. My Fast.... is this the FAST that comes with the gti or is this just a paper weight version of it?
  13. MKVI GTI
    So i bought my 06' GTI from some guy in Chicago and he says that you have to put a quart of oil in every 1,000 miles. Is that normal? Should i check something to see why it is burning so much oil? Any suggestions? :o
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hi All! :) 06 GTi MKV 6 spd manual Candy White Moon Roof Autobahn Leather Climatronic APR stage 1 (stock, 91, 93 + all options) Money well spent! Bought her with 1 previous owner about 6 weeks ago; been reading this forum religiously... Since I have the limelight for a minute- wISH lIST...
  15. MKVI GTI
    Just found this video on youtube about GTI. Freaking crazy. How did he do it? It doesnt have any car shot though. It says the GTI arrives in Augest.:o Not sure if that is official
  16. MKV GTI
    I've seen quite a few people have a thread dedicated to their fast, so I decided to make one for my self. :@@: On this thread you can find: -Pics of my car -Vag-com data and comparisons - Hopefully a few 1/4 mile runs - Youtube vids - Other things that I cant think of rite now Warning, there...
1-16 of 16 Results