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  1. VW GTI For Sale
    One owner, 138 k miles, never chipped, New timing belt, DSG fluid, and brakes. Needs new spring and has rust front fenders and door sills
  2. New Member Introductions
    The car is my son's, who rescued it from this kid who did things to this car I will never understand. 6 months ago, the power window (passenger side only) started slowing down with each use. We stopped using it while it was up, and this weekend replaced the motor. Now we've discovered that there...
  3. MKV GTI
    Hi, I'm fairly new to my 2007 GTI Fahrenheit, and I'm looking for some recommendations on some mods. So far I have installed coil overs, and a Cold Air Intake. What would you recommend as the next step to take. I've thought about an intercooler, and I've also been thinking about installing some...
  4. Fahrenheit GTI
    Whats up everyone? As I search the web, I see Fahrenheit owners spread out here and there...but some owners never get linked up with other owners. Some owners never even hear of sites like Its time to fix all that. Lets say you want to get a group of Fahrenheit owners in your area...
    Located in Los Angeles, CA. 44k miles. A few exterior nicks. Interior in great shape. Email me at [email protected] if interested. Thanks.
  6. VW GTI For Sale
    29,xxx miles. Super clean. Garage kept. #428 I am too wide for the seats and they are hurting my back. One with more miles and in worse condition just sold for $21,900 at our local VW dealer!!! That is insane! I want $17,600. I am firm on the price due to condition and KBB value. Email me if...
  7. Fahrenheit GTI
    Selling my GTI Fahrenheit. Extremely clean. No accidents. 29,xxx miles I live in Portland, Oregon. Feel free to email me if you are interested or have questions. Local dealer just sold one with more miles and and in worse condition for $21,900!!! Crazy! I'm asking $17,500 - firm on price due...
  8. Fahrenheit GTI
    Description: Extremely Rare GTI Fahrenheit Edition (number 811 of 1200), manufactured in Wolfsburg Germany. One owner, non-smoker, garage kept (always), clean, no damage or problems! Turbocharged 2.0L engine puts out 200 HP while maintaining excellent gas mileage. Finished in Fahrenheit [Magma]...
    I'm looking for a Fahrenheit fast figurine. can pay with pay pal. Let me know what's out there. Thank you.
  10. MKV GTI
    I'm considering getting my GTI chipped, so my question is- if I have the money for a Stage 3 APR ECU Chip, could I potentially just skip the first two stages, or is it necessary to go from 1 to 2 to 3? Thank you for the info. By the way, if FahrenheitFarmer posts on this, I saw the video of...
  11. Fahrenheit GTI
    LIMITED EDITION Fahrenheit GTI. # 207 out of 1200. Custom orange paint job with matching orange stitching are just a few things that make this GTI special and unique. Completely loaded with every package option available from the other GTI options. ... But everyone here knows all that. Babied...
  12. Fahrenheit GTI
    :D Got the roof and hood blacked recently.
    Hey guys, the day has come....The GTI Is up for sale. I'm asking only $17900 OBO for it, which is about 1300 less that's it's worth in it's current condition. The car is lightly modded, Neuspeed P-Flo, GIAC x-chip 93 octane, Eurojet PCV FIX, and Newsouth Performance Column Mounted Boost...
  14. Fahrenheit GTI
    It's amazing, number 193. I absolutely love it. Anyone have tips for anything i should do to it? and as it was used, it has a couple small paint chips, anyone know where i could get some of that paint you use for that kind of thing? thanks for any and all help.
  15. Fahrenheit GTI
    Ok, so yeah, I'm 2-3 years late to the party but the age old saying "better late than never" seems to fit me so well. Back in January I bought my first car since moving to Phoenix. I've been here 6 years now just walking and biking in the inferno known as the Arizona desert…but no more...
1-15 of 15 Results