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  1. Mid-Atlantic: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Penn
    Hey guys. I like cars, gti's of course and I have one. I would like to get into the scene a little bit, but wanted to start by meetin up with other vdub people. I was thinking maybe we can do a VW meet, or like a euro meet once every week so we can discuss the disgusting amounts of money we plan...
  2. MKV GTI
    Hey everyone. Today I bought a Euro Switch w/ coming home feature. couldn't care less about coming home. However, I bought it for the option to run only fogs. A couple of months ago I spent $100 on 6000k xenon fogs. They came with the ballasts and I mounted and installed everything with a...
    Anyone know the best sites for ordering parts for a 2003 GTI 1.8T? i already know about ECS tuning and APR. Know any others? I'm interested in FMIC, coil overs, bushings, and other small bolt on's. Or even better if you know any stores in the Toronto area that specialized in Euro parts.
  4. VW GTI
    Anybody know where any meets are in or around Sav, GA?
    Hey all, If anyone with a MK6 is looking for a custom euro plate, universal chrome-style bracket, and seals PM me. Purchased this recently, but have decided to forgo putting it on. Picture below shows everything included. Includes: -Custom German-style plate: GTI KMVI -Universal Euro...
  6. MKV GTI
    Hey guys, the 4x4 suspension lift kit on my 2006 gti is bugging me, and I'd love to drop my fast about an inch all around. I've heard that the earlier model gti's (06-07) have taller springs then the later years (08-09)? Is this true? Would I be able to buy a set of 2008 oem springs from the...
  7. VW GTI
    Starting new thread for Europlates :p.. u got one? Post pic of it, on or off car. SHOW SOME LUV!
1-7 of 7 Results