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    Hi all, Just joined the club by buying a used 2011 GTI. After a few days with the car, and after reading the manual, I've run into a really strange problem: it appears that the car has no way of accessing the menus on the MFI! Page 24 of the manual suggests two ways: either the multi-function...
    I've got a MK4 GTI VR6 and I've recently changed out the head unit for an older model Pioneer. When I was unhooking the wiring harness from the previous head unit I noticed a black box with wires connecting to it. The black box was not connected to the unit nor does it look like it connects to...
  3. MKV GTI
    I own a 2007 GTI. I bought the car for very specific reasons after I had become a paraplegic. I have driven the car with a set of temporary hand controls. These controls are frowned upon in the US. I am looking to go with a permanent set of controls. They mount on the left side of the center...
    Ok Gents, I recently sold my 06 GTI and I pulled the stereo out. Up for sale is the interface adapter used for aftermarket radios in VW's. I payed 130.00 for it and I will let it go for 100.00 shipped. It only has about 2 months of use on it. Thanks for looking.
    PLEASE HELP.!.! PLEASE i was cut off recently and swerved to avoid the drunks and had no room it was either them or well the curb so i hit the curb and broke both driver side rims and the a arm was beant shock tower mount broke as well as the electronic break connector [owned] well ive since...
    [help]..i have a 2004 gti vr6 and my gauge unit is flickering occasionally sometimes they work and sometimes they dont im not sure if the gauge wiring connector or some sort of wiring is just loose or what it maybe sometimes they work fine and sometimes they flicker on and off sometimes hitting...
1-6 of 6 Results