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  1. MKV GTI
    Hey guys, just thought i'd share with you my experience, in decemeber i got new coil packs and plugs from ECS running ( NGK (BKR7EIX)). I swaped out the old and in with the new. right off the bat, my fule milage went down, i didn't have time to investigate as it wasn't a crazy different. this...
    I know there's multiple threads of people explaining how an intake is pretty much all the same, I just want to know if anybody has any personal experience with this specific carbon fiber intake from ecs tuning I...
  3. MKV GTI
    Yes, I know there are very cheap ways to make your own kit, but living in a small town, even simple parts means online orders so I bought the kit from ECS. I bought the kit because I tend to haul a lot of crap around and have to walk down two flights of stairs to my car, so having the hatch...
    anyone have any experience with this sprint booster from ECS? Have you heard anything about it and if its worth the 300 dollars?
    MY 2011 gti still has stock suspension and my next upgrade is going to be a new suspension. I am looking between coilovers or the air ride slam kit from ECStuning. My question is will the air ride give the same performance handing than a good set of coilovers? or will the air ride just feel...
    So I am looking into short shifters and hacking the stalk down a bit. Wanted some feedback form the comune to see who has done what and what is a good brand to roll with. I was thinking the following: ECS Adjustable short shift kit (it has weights and 4 settings) Forge adjustable side-side...
1-6 of 6 Results