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    Hi, I just bought my 03 vr6 gti. I really want to lower it with just springs, I have read that lowering springs screw up shocks and struts but I have receipts from the previous owner, it has brand new OEM struts/shocks, only like 10k on them. so would it be ok to do like a 2in drop?
    Ok... MK6... Function>Form I am getting new wheels, and tires. (need opinions on best of each... no more than $1,500 for the combo). I also want to lower the car (need opinions on coilovers v. springs (keep stock shocks)). So the real question is ... how should i piece it all together??? I...
  3. MKV GTI
    Hey guys, the 4x4 suspension lift kit on my 2006 gti is bugging me, and I'd love to drop my fast about an inch all around. I've heard that the earlier model gti's (06-07) have taller springs then the later years (08-09)? Is this true? Would I be able to buy a set of 2008 oem springs from the...
1-3 of 3 Results