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    Hi Guys, I have read in a lot of places that upgrading to a forge diverter valve is recommended when upping the power. I have approx 215 hp in my Mk 4 but still have the stock Bosch. What does upgrading to the forge do?
    Hey guys, cleaning out the garage, got the catch can and upgraded diverter valve. sold my GIT a couple of years ago and never really got to enjoy these. I want to offload everything at once, so i won't sell in pieces. I'm sure you know how much this stuff cost so i won't bore you with the...
    I've been hearing that a blow off valve for the 1.8's will ruin the turbo life but I'm not sure. Ive heard a ton about the R1 Apr diverter valve and am wondering if that would be the better route rather than a blow off valve. Thanks [hail vw]
    I am looking for a forge dv spacer and possible new intake. Forge spacer $50
    I have the following parts that I put on Craigslist but am willing to eat the cost and ship to wherever you are. All parts are lightly used and fully functional. I had to return my car to stock. Neuspeed P-Flo with racing extension and extra cone filter for $200...
  6. MKV GTI
    whats up guys my mark 5 has had this issue for some time now and i cant find the culprit. in high gear, heavy boost, low rpm.... i get a wooshing/ffttffttfftt sound that sounds like the DV/wastegate possibly opening and closing repeatedly, at EXACTLY 2100 rpm it starts and continues to 2400 rpm...
  7. MKV GTI
    As some of you may know already, I'm working on my K04 build. Although not necessary, I decided to do a little custom work and fabricated my own (what I'm calling) DV "cap". The K04 does not have a port for a DV and to keep the ECU happy, the stock DV should remain plugged in so there is no...
  8. MKV GTI
    So i noticed recently some odd noises sounding like boost leak or bad DV. i made a thread before about it and determined that i should replace my DV (in the mail). I rarely go WOT all the way through the rpm band so this issue is new to me. Every single time i got WOT i get a hesitation at...
  9. VW GTI MKV Vs. Honda Civic Si
    06 mkv gti fsi. only mod is a neuspeed intake. at about 2200 rpm my boost drops off quite a bit, then at about 2400 rpm it comes back < that is steady and happens about 90% of the time when giving a little gas. also randomly i will hear woosh noises while building boost, and when that happens i...
  10. MKV GTI
    Checked mine when i got the car(bout 7k miles ago) per these forums,looked fine,but with all the talk,i wanted to know if its actually BETTER in any way or i should wait for failure? Does it work/sound differently? ***currently have oem membrane type dv
  11. MKV GTI
    my car has been running lean lately it seems like. i took it in to vw to see whats up and to get my cel checked out. they said my turbo had to be rebuilt or replaced because there was oil around it and on my o2 sensor. the tech said i also had to replace my vent valve because it was leaking oil...
  12. MKV GTI
    Alright, I've had my 2007 GTI for about a month now and in that time I've gotten to know the car and done enough reading on the forum to make a preliminary mod plan for it. If you have any advice or think I should change something let me know! I want to do it right! Anyways, heres what I want...
1-12 of 12 Results