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    i have a problem, my coolant has been leaking lately and i cant figure out the problem. the coolant leaks from the right side and when i went to look under the car i noticed it dripping from the underside of the engine. i had my fther mechanic look at it and he automatically assumed it was the...
    Hey guys, my car is leaking coolant from this hose connected to the resevior which has a y-shaped connector that is connect to two other hoses. The y-shaped connector has the leak, none of the hoses are affected and the source of the leak is the y-shaped connector. So, if anybody has info on...
    A long time reading, first time contributing to the community. This is a DIY for a coolant flush for the VW GTI MK5, something that for the life of me, I could not find anywhere else. If you're like me, you enjoying wrenching on your vehicles; especially the venerable MK5 platform. This DIY is...
  4. 2.0T FSI / TSI Engines
    So... ive got about 52,000km on my fast. Apart from other typical malfunctions (A/C, runner control motor...) there is a reoccuring one: engine coolant temp sensor. Now i had it replaced at the same time as the intake manifold runner control motor at my local VW dealership for a ton of money...
  5. MKV GTI
    Hi. A couple days ago I got that coolant message that I need to stop and check the coolant level and I needed to go somewhere and I couldn't fill it up with some new stuff. I was unable to do so at the time and asked my father to add some coolant. It looks like he put in some green coolant...
  6. MKV GTI
    I've noticed that my radiator fans never turn on, and the other day, I was sitting in the car (the car was idling in park) nd the temp needle slowly started to rise. Of course when I drive normally, the temp stabilizes at 190. Any ideas why my radiator fan wont turn on?
1-6 of 6 Results