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    Ok so My clutch went out and I need a new one, thinking stage 2. What do guys recommend. Wanna be around $500 for a stage 2. Is center force a good brand? Was recommended by a family member but he runs domestic. I have a mk4 gti vr6 24v
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    I know clutches don't come cheap but I was wondering what a good reliable clutch brand. I would like to go stage 3 because as of right now I am stage 2 unitronic and in the future I plan on going gt28rs and so forth so I would like to start preparing for it. I own a mk4 gti 1.8t. 5 speed...
    MAKE ME AN OFFER ON THESE!!!! i have a stock dual mass flywheel and pressure plate for an mk4 vr6 24v. im not sure what other car is compatible. they are in perfect shape. flywheel $250obo and pressure plate $250 obo. if you want both $450 obo also have a light weight flywheel for an mk4...
    So I plan on ugrading my turbo to a K04-023. Right now I am running APR stage 2 and meth on a 100 octane race map on an '03 mkiv. I was wondering if I would need to upgrade my clutch or if I should just wait and see if it slips badly or at all. If anyone has experience on this matter or...
1-4 of 4 Results