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  1. VW GTI
    OK, so here's my question, and I'm hoping someone will know if this is possible. I have 2 good ecu's. One is a 06A906032LP with a APR Stage1 Chip (manual ecu) and the other is a 06A906032HF Stock (5 Speed automatic with tiptronic ecu). Can I de-solder the APR chip and re-solder it into the...
    I am thinking about chipping my car with a stage 2+ apr tune. But i do no know if its the best out there for the price. If someone knows lots about tune, i would greatly appreciate it if someone gave me some advice. Thanks!
    Where in the San Diego CA region can I chip my GTI 1.8t and what price range and chip is recommended for better performance. I don´t want to race the car I just wanna tune it up a bit.
  4. GTI Owner's Rides
    Hey just figured I would add to the list of build threads on here. I have a 2003 VW GTI MKIV 1.8T with around 90k miles. I am going for an all black with subtle red look, I don't want the car to look like a ricer though. I will attach some before and after pictures of some of the stuff I have...
    I just purchased a 2003 GTI 1.8t. So this is really a simple question. What chip gives you the best bang for your buck, or maybe just best performance gains in general? I just made the switch from a motorcycle and honestly I'm pretty clueless.
    hey guys sorry for starting a new thread butttt... i have this mysterious plain black button infront of my cup holders and right behind the shifter. i have no idea as to what this could be. i recently bought this car used from a dealership and they had no idea. but im sure once of you guys could...
    Hey what's up guys, I used to have a 02 gti and I did some mild upgrades, but never got the full turbo back exhaust. I sold the gti and drove a wrx for a while and learned that those cars are tune sensitive to EVERYTHING. Like you are going to blow your motor if you put a dp on and don't tune...
    So i installed my 2.5" Euro Sport turboback this last weekend, matte black roof vinyl on sunday, and got my GIAC X+ chip today...sooo stoked. Raceland ultimos come in on wednesday. Im only going to drop it like 2" max, to get rid of the wheel gap. A dude wants to trade me for a set of 18x8...
    The APR 2011 Spring sale has started guys! Go get your tunes (and addons) for cheap!! ECS URL:
  10. MKIV GTI
    I want UNI, but there nearest dealer is 700 miles away... I live in ATL, and there closest dealer is said to be in N. Carolina... I want Stage 2+, but im scared that ill have a problem and it would be a problem to get it resolved because there 700 miles away.... I just wanna know if anyone with...
  11. MKV GTI this is advertised on this site so I decided I'd at least give it a look. What does everyone think? Does it work? It probably voids warranty. Opinions?
  12. MKV GTI
    i just got ecu stage 1 for my gti mkv tsi...should i get intake and down pipe or is there something else i should get or get it from somewhere else for cheaper?
  13. MKV GTI
    I have a tsi motor 09 gti mkv should i go with apr or unitonic for the chip??
  14. MKV GTI
    I'm bringing in my mkv for a some work on the dsg tranny, it's doing the jerking thing in 1st and reverse, same stuff outlined in the extended warranty letter. They plan to try the reflash first (I don't think it will work, I think it's the bushings prematurely wearing), then look at...
  15. MKIV GTI
    i just got my car washed and as i was getting off of the tracks at the car wash place i felt a nasty thump under my car. i had just gotten my car lowered so i thought to my self " never go there again. as i was driving home i hit the gas and at about 5k my car just jerked foward and then the epc...
1-15 of 15 Results