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  1. VW GTI
    These are a couple of photos I took of Carla while my friend and I traveled cross-country from NJ to CA this past August. Not sure why I didn't post these earlier, Wish I got some more photos during the trip, but I was kinda caught up in the moment. She handled all 7,645 miles of the trip like a...
    Where is the best place to get good Coil overs at a fair price (other than ecstuning) and or a shop to get them installed professionally in or around Chicago suburbs.? thanks
    So i bought my 06' GTI from some guy in Chicago and he says that you have to put a quart of oil in every 1,000 miles. Is that normal? Should i check something to see why it is burning so much oil? Any suggestions? :o
1-3 of 3 Results