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    Does anyone on this forum have a CTS turbo CAI? I was originally going to buy the APR CAI but the mechanic from my tuning shop recommended the CTS turbo one, he says it performs better than the APR one and its only $299 vs $375. Opinions?
    hey guys i recently bought the AEM cold air intake for my 2002 gti automatic. the filter is the one located under everything, real close to the ground, in the driver side wheel well. i connected everything good instructions were easy. as soon as i test drove it i started driving and shifting...
    I'm interested in get the Twintake because of the sweet noise it makes when you let open the throttle. What do you think of this price for it? Plz pardon my typo, i was way too excited lol
    Jus got my evomms cai..i wanna install now. tried lookin quickly from some good install instructions but didnt find any. heard some say you gotta take off bumper and battery but some also said you don't.. I'll prolly get flammed cuz i really didnt do a good search but oh well. ps. what tools and...
  5. 2.0T FSI / TSI Engines
    Cold Air VS Ram Air :confused: I'm still new to the GTI world and the modding world, but I thought I would sum up all the discussions about intakes in a post. Get ready for a lot of edits!!! :p Also I made this because the intake discussion is literally 100s of pages long. I hope this can sum...
1-5 of 5 Results