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  1. MKV GTI
    My drivers side headlight (HID) looks brighter and kinda bluer than my passenger side HID. It kinda looks like the light might be aimed too high on the drivers side or something. Are they supposed to be even? Its not the bulbs, I just replaced them yesterday. Plus my girlfriend said that one...
    I'm not sure if anyone has ever heard of this, but the guy i bought my '08 GTI from siad that there is a modification that you can get that will unrestrict your headlights, and make them usable like they are in Europe. Supposedly in Europe, there are headlights on the GTI that are very, very...
  3. VW GTI
    So I did the whole nightshade thing on my MKV tail lights. I did a medium darkness and in my garage on a fairly sunny day I can see them well with the lights on and also with the brake depressed. When my friend was driving behind me yesterday however, He said he could see them, but barely. I'm...
  4. MKV GTI
    sooooo, what if someone found a way to mount an led strip vertically on the inner edge of our fog grilles!! would that look amazing or what! photoshop please :D anybody have any ideas on how this could be accomplished? Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results