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    2005 MKIV Golf GTI 1.8t with a 5 speed automatic tiptronic tranny Trying to use a 06A906032HF ecu. Using a generic blue vagcom cable. Ok, so I was able to retrieve my eeprom.bin from the ecu I got from the junk yard. I used the me7_95040 command line tool to retrieve it. Tested the pin in...
    I have a 2004 gti, I have a oem shift boot, im thinking about getting a short throw shift kit, any suggestions on good brands? Also I want to change the entire boot it self to a removal knob, any way that can happen? thanks
    got this new shift boot, took a headache and a half to install but i think it looks pretty sweet... how do you feel about it. and excuse my car for being an utter mess ive been busy the past couple weeks lol
1-3 of 3 Results